Toca School is an experimental school created in 2009 to work through an innovative pedagogical approach, aiming children’s integral development focused on ecological literacy.

Today 55 children between 2 and 6 years of age attend the school annually, in a multiseriate composition that uses nature and food as the basis for education.

Located within the Fazenda da Toca, it occupies an area of 1 hectare, including a permacultural backyard that functions as a demonstration unit of sustainable technologies.

Its pedagogical approach is based on three philosophical axes:

Nature as a teacher – we believe we have much to learn from natural systems. We teach their principles by turning our school into a sustainable community in which they can be experienced in practice.+click here to know more

The culture of childhood – the play, and all its vast repertoire that reflects what we call the culture of childhood, is the language of the child, the soul, the spontaneous. For the child, playing is being. Here, the child can be.+click here to know more

The integral being – we provide multiple experiences through the exercise of different languages, believing that the human being is made of multiple dimensions that need to be equally nurtured.+click here to know more

Escola da Toca

Escola da Toca

Escola da Toca

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