Since 2013 Toca Institute is a partner of Itirapina Municipal System – the city in which Fazenda da Toca is located – in the training process of its team of educators. Weekly meetings have been held with managers and teachers in order to review and improve pedagogical practice in schools.

In 2016, expanding our actions, we started an innovation project at the full-time Elementary School, Professor Dulce de Faria Martins Migliorini, in order to co-create solutions that could broaden the students’ learning possibilities beyond Portuguese Language and Math subjects.

In the first year, through co-creation methodologies that actively involved all the school actors, we developed a new functioning model for the afternoon period in the school.

Today Dulce School offers a weekly curriculum of more than 30 elective workshops with varied themes – such as circus, cooking, relaxation, gardening, toy building, mosaic, drums, dance, drama – that mix children of different age groups. The assembly practice was introduced in every classroom as a technique for reducing conflict and exercising citizenship.

In addition, social entrepreneurship projects focused on ecological literacy were implemented, putting students in an active position as transformers of their reality, beginning with physical changes in the very school place, which by the end of the year had already many of the children’s artistic productions on the walls, a forest garden, herb spiral, PANCs (Non-conventional food plants) garden, flower beds and earth painting on the walls.

The challenge for next year is to integrate the curricular contents to all the change mechanisms already implemented

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